Monday, January 9, 2012

T - 4 Days

Today we used our juicer for the first time. The very first juice we made was one pear and two apples and it was delicious! We had steamed brown rice and zucchini for lunch and juice made with purple kale, carrots, tomato, and an apple. Rionna is feeling hungry this afternoon and Charles is craving all the things he cannot eat. It was difficult to smell lunch, as we had to prepare lunch for six kids today (two of ours and four child care children). It was tempting to pick some chicken and noodles off their plate, but we prevailed! We have posted a picture of us today in the kitchen. Here are our starting point numbers.
                  Rionna-                 Charles-
Weight:     292.6 lbs                 377.5 lbs
Neck:        16”                          18¼”                         
Chest:       52”                           59”
Waist:       55”                           60”
R Bicep:  17 ½”                        19”
R Thigh:  31 ¼”                         32 ½”

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