Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 4

Well it does get better! Today is day four and we have decided the absolute hardest part about this whole process is having to cook meals for the children over and over again every day. Since we are both juice fasting, there is no one to help us with the food preparation. We have found out a few things in the last four days.
1- Stevia in the bulk section of our store contained an additive Maltodextrin, so we bought some NOW organic stevia from our local health food store.
2- Herbal Tea is not created equal. We found some of them to have additives and had to sort through our tea collection.
3- This is harder than we thought

And yet here we are pushing on. After careful thought on giving up, we have decided to keep going! Today we are both feeling better than we did this weekend. We are not officially weighing in again until Day 7, but we did get on the scale on Saturday and I will tell you this much... we had already lost over 20 lbs between the two of us.

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  1. Awesome! I am proud of you guys for hanging in there and not giving up!!