Friday, January 20, 2012

Days 6 & 7

Days six and seven went great for us! We are feeling good and just wish we had a little more energy to get some exercise in as well everyday. Today will be day eight and we are going to incorporate some foods back into our diet so we can attend a family event next week that is important to us. We will still be juicing everyday and posting our weights and measurements. Later today we will be posting our weights so check back! We feel like making it a week is a huge accomplishment and even though we did not go 60 days straight we will still be rebooting our bodies and transitioning back into a juice fast so stay tuned.


  1. Hi Rionna and Charles, congratulations on making it a full 7 days; that is a fantastic accomplishment!

    My wife and I have been on our pre-juicing week and will begin the juice fast tomorrow. Can you advise what your favorite veggie based juice is? Which recipe is your favorite for each meal of the day?

    I hope my wife and I are as successful as you all. As you can see I am a bit apprehensive or afraid really of the days to come.

    Keep up the great work and fill us in on the weight loss, I am anxious to know.

    Best regards!
    San Antonio

    1. Our favorite veggie based juice is:
      4 Handfuls of spinach
      2-4 Carrots
      1 Granny smith apple
      4 Radishes
      1 Stalk of celery
      1/2 Cucumber

      We prefer the spinach over the strong taste of the kale, although we do use kale sometimes. The carrots and apple add a nice sweet taste to this salad inspired recipe.